Day 13

Today, we decide that we should review these two pieces songs and focus on the details. I’m more familiar with the second song; therefore, teacher begins reviewing with the first one.

First, when I squat, I should let my knees turn to outside, which will make my movements more pretty. Then, when I turn around, I should be more quick and simple. The next part is hands. I should let my hands more soft, rather than stiff. The next important thing is that when I move my hip up, one of my arms should be straight, and the other one is bending.

What’s more, I’m always confused about touching my head. I will always mess up my hair. My teacher ask me do not worry about hair first; instead, I should don’t movements correctly. In this way, my hair style does not have to be messed up.

The most difficult part is turning head and count the correct beat. I sometimes can’t catch the beat. Therefore, I decide I will count 1,2,3,4 when I meet these parts. I try to fix the turning heard this problem, but I still can’t get that feeling.

In general, we review everything today, and I believe that as long as keep dancing, I can do it perfectly one day!

Day 12

After stretching, we start to new the the part that we cut it off in the first song.

The first movement is the hardest movement that I have done so far. I just can’t get it and get the feeling of doing it. I ask teacher whether we can skip this part. However, she tells me that as long as I keep practicing, I can make it! Feeling tired, I don’t really want to keep doing this. Therefore, I didn’t really memorize these movements. I just follow what my teacher did. My teacher finds that I have some mood problem. She let me take a break first.

During break, I realize that I should not have this attitude to learn jazz dance. I should be more positive.

After break, I push myself to be vivid and learn to how to make these movements. It indeed worked at first, but later I really feel tired and keep yawning.

Day 11

We continue learning the new song today. I found that I get the feeling of dancing, and my learning efficiency is improved!

Before the class officially started, teacher shows me a video of a dancer whose names is Jojo. She is famous for Jazz dance in Instagram. Her dance looks perfect that I keep screening when I watch the video. I can’t imagine what kind of people can achieve her level! Even my teacher admired Jojo. This pushes me to practice dancing harder.

Then, we start our class. Only one part is really hard for me and it’s also on the ground. It’s too quick. But we just practice again and again.

Unexpectedly, we finish this new song today! We can learn the part which we cut off in the first song! We even have time to review everything and focus on little details!

Day 10

We finally start the new song! I’m really excited!

We pick a Korean song, which has strong beats. My teacher says that this dance is relatively an easy one compared with another one, which really increases my confidence.

The first movements are indeed easy. But they ask you to be more confident. It’s like you are the queen here.

Then, it asks more quick movements. I have to admit that jazz dance is really sexy. Behind these sexy movements are efforts and sweat.

One movement is on the ground. I repeat this movement so many times that my knee becomes red. Fortunately, my movements become much better.

Day 9

Today, after stretching, teacher starts to teach me the rest of the song. At first, I thought it was not a lot, but in fact, we decide to cut a little part so that the second song can be finished during intensive.

One movement looks like that I’m blowing bubbles. But this part’s movement’s are really quick.

Another movement is to use my hand to cross my head, which is also really fast. Therefore, we slow down every movement in this part and repeat. In the end, we speed it up.

In fact, there are other many difficult movements, such as moving the tip up on my tiptoes.

At end, we didn’t realize that the class has already been over. However, we haven’t finished learning this part because it really takes some time for me to learn it. Therefore, we find that we should cut the final part so that we can have time to learn the new song.

Day 8

Because we didn’t have classes on Monday and Tuesday, we have longer class today.

After stretching, teacher directly teaches me movements in the song because we don’t have enough time to learn more basic movements and I want to be able to dance two songs at the end of intensive.

The later part becomes quicker, which increases the difficulty. Some movements require me to lie on the ground and turn around. Therefore, I gradually start to sweat.

One movement is to squat on the ground and make movement. This asks me to strengthen my legs; otherwise, I always move to the left or right.

At end, when we finishing today’s task, we repeat practicing. The more I do, more familiar I become, and I remember all the movements at end! But it is really tired that I keep yawning.

We will finish the rest part, and we can begin the new song tomorrow!

Here is the link to what I learn today:

Day 5

As usual, we start with stretching today. I feel my muscle painful today. When I stretch my body at the beginning of class, I take a deep breath to face the coming painful feeling.

After stretching, teacher teaches me another basic jazz movement, which is about hip. I have to say that this movement looks really beautiful, but it’s also hard to achieve. You need to move your left hip up and fix the rest of your body, then change the left side to the right side, and repeat. It’s not so hard if I do it slowly, but when I speed up, it gets messy. More practices are needed.

Below are the links to this movement’s videos:

Then we continue learn the previous song. One movement utilizes this hip basic movement, but it’s not really strenuous for me to do. In fact, the hard part is stroking my head. This movement asks you to be as quick as possible; however, it also requires you to show your hands’ strength. When I do this, I have to tighten my hands, and my hands have to touch my face and head. It takes me some time to practice this. But the later movements are easier. The key to do these later movements is your expression and body.

Most importantly, teacher says that we just need two more days, then we can finish this song! I’m so excited!

Here is the link to what I learn today: